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Embedded Java development has always been a hassle... It is our mission to provide a path that will allow users to rapidly prototype a system, test it in their real world application, and then cost reduce it for production. Our solution provides a path for both low volme and high volume customers. The design methodology we are using provides multiple entry points depending upon the capabilities of your design team. If you need help designing the entire solution from the ground up we can work closely with you to implement a final design that meets all of your objectives.

Our Strategy

We have developed a design flow where we combine existing Java processors with custom logic that is implemented using field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). Initially we will be offering Java processors from aJile Systems and Imsys Technologies. We can also implement a wide range of analog functions using existing analog components or custom silicon from various semiconductor vendors. The platforms we have chosen provide highly scalable solutions for embedded IP cores and high gate count digital designs. We will prototype your design using our custom development boards and veriify the system running your applications. Once you are happy with the design we can deliver cost reduced boards or custom ASICs depending on your cost targets and volume requirements.

Development Boards

We have selected the Spartan 3AN development boards from Xilinx and FPGA boards from Crossbow IP as our first baseline development platforms. These boards will host custom Java processor cards which leverage high speed interfaces. This configuration allows the Java processors to share PROM, ROM, and RAM resources that are already on the baseline boards. The Spartan 3AN card also provides a wide range of analog components, displays, and plug-in modules. In addition, we will be designing custom analog interface boards for the Crossbow IP platform. These cards will be stackable just like the current cards from Crossbow IP. Our development platforms will be offered as end user products that can be ordered directly from this web site. One of our first products will be a Java based data aquisition module.

The Path to Silicon

Once your design has been verified on our development platform we will work with various semiconductor firms to implement your designs in silicon. Intially we will be working with Chip-X, MOSIS, and Flextronics to provide the optimum solutions for our customers. We also have access to a wide range of packaging technologies including ceramic substrates, BGA packaging, and multi-chip modules.


Our primary focus is embedded Java application development and our goal is to streamline your design processes so you can reduce design cycle times. We have relationships wth a wide range of semiconductor manufacturers that can offer IP solutions that will reduce your design times further. If ASICs are over-kill for your application we can also provide board level solutions customized to meet your needs. We can sell bare boards or offer fully assembled and tested units depending upon your needs. If we can be of service to your organization, please contact us directly or use the contact form found in the side-bar of this web page. Thanks for your consideration!

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